Monday, 3 October 2011

Are we ready yet?

There are 16 days left until we leave for Greece to spend the winter in a very small village in the Peloponnesus. So our days are spent making lists, cleaning out drawers and trying to pack efficiently, not to mention, lightly. Not only will we be away for 8 months but the last two will be a bike trip either in Cyprus or Italy. That increases the difficulty of the clothing choices just a little.
Minas already has the bikes dismantled and packed in their blue bags.  I need a few more days of good weather, and that certainly was not today, to get the rest of the garden put to bed and "the garlic" planted.
I am going to attempt this new "techie" communication from our temporary home in Karyes, perhaps once a week. If you click on the location at the bottom right, you will see our village.
Wish me luck and tune in if you want to.

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